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I’m taking my ball and going home.

I have a four year old boy named Carson and a two year girl old named Josie. I’ve played catch with my son a lot thus far in his life…but never with Josie…until this weekend.  So the three of us – played catch together.  Josie is just now at the age physically that she is able to understand how the game works.  You know – I throw it to Carson…he throws it to her…and she throws it back to me.

All weekend long – the same thing would happen over and over again.  I’d throw it to Carson, he’d throw it to her…then…then…she’d just keep it.  She knew what she was supposed to do – but she couldn’t bring it to herself to give up the ball.  She just wouldn’t throw it back…she just couldn’t give it up.  She was so afraid that if she gave the ball up – she wouldn’t get it back.  She knew as soon as she threw the ball back to me…she was risking it not coming back to her.  What fun is it to give up the ball and have it not come back?  It’s not.
But what she didn’t realize…was that there was plenty of ball to go around.  There was more than enough to share.  There was more than enough to give it up…and have it come back to her.  I’m watching this happen and I become sad.  I’m sad because she was too worried about what she was losing that she missed all of the fun.  She was so concerned that the ball wouldn’t come back to her…that she missed the whole point of the game.
In other words – she was hoarding the ball.
So let’s think about this…having more than enough to go around…keeping more for yourself…never having enough…hmmm – something sounds familiar…
…I just can’t put my finger on it.
It’s great.  I’ll stop thinking about it – that way I don’t have to come up with an answer.


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