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Where is the love?

(ht: brittian)

Here’s what’s interesting to me about this video:

Not that it’s about Love.  It’s Keith Olbermanntalking about Love.

Agree or disagree with California’s Proposition 8, it doesn’t matter – but tell me why a non-Christian like Keith Olbermann sounds like he has a better grasp on love than a lot of Christians I encounter?

Why is it that Christians feel so strongly about having to protect something?

I get disagreeing. I get that. But disagreeing to the point of hate? I just don’t get. I get voting against. I get being disappointed. I get wishing others agreed with you. But to act in such a way that causes someone different than you to feel loved and accepted…I just do not get.

Here’s an extreme example: Christians blowing up Abortion clinics.

Sound extreme? Of course you wouldn’t blow up anything or any person.

But how different is your non-accaptance of someone that, in your eyes, does something wrong or immoral?

I can’t tell if a guy like Olbermann speaking like this is more evidence of how close of an understanding of love he has or how far some Christians are away from it?


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