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Food Democracy Now!




This is an excerpt from Food Democracy Now!

Take a quick read below. Our local and national food supply has grown to be one of the paramount issues in my life. If you believe our food system needs to be changed, please go the Food Democracy Now’s website to learn more as well to sign this petition to make change. It seriously takes less than 30 seconds – please check it out!

Thanks for the support!

“As such, we are dedicated to advancing the dialogue on food, family farm, environmental and sustainability issues at the legislative and policy level. We understand the dynamic interplay between today’s industrialized agricultural system and its impacts on human health and well-being, health care costs, rural communities and the environment. We advocate for policies that encourage sustainable, humane, organic and natural food systems.

We seek to transform today’s system by advancing best practices in food production, animal husbandry, conservation of natural resources, renewable energy and soil preservation. Through these efforts we hope to stimulate local food systems, promote rural economic development, encourage a new generation of farmers and respond to the growing public demand for wholesome, fairly-produced food. We will also support candidates who advance this vision and who embrace common sense policies that respect our nation’s air, water, soil, livestock, food workers, consumers and family farmers.

We hope that you will join us in this national movement to implement real and significant change in our nation’s food, agricultural and environmental policies.”

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I don’t get it…

Help me out…hydrogen gas technology around for 30 years…and we still act like the technology doesn’t exist.

I don’t get it.  Somebody….anybody…help me out.  How has this gone on this long?

The Joker…eat your heart out: How is Jack Nicholson one of the coolest guys in the world…even 30 years ago?  My man buries his face in his exhaust and says… “steam bath…” Are you kidding me?  Hilarious.

How about “Carrrrrr…”?  You gotta love it.

This video is a must see filmed in 1978 of Jack Nicholson’s hydrogen car – great footage.

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