I’m a 28 year old male living in Vancouver, Washington, USA. I’m married to this wonderful betty and our lives extend through these two treasures. I’m an ENFJ.  And I live in intentional community in the suburbs centered around Jesus Christ.

And I’m hungry.

I hunger for the things of the deep. Things of life that matter – that are lasting and real. I search daily to be fed from life’s abundance. I’m on a journey – my life is being turned upside down…maybe yours is too? I’m not a writer. I’m not an intellectual.  I guess that’s why I want to do this, because it’s hard for me. It doesn’t come easy. I’ve recently seen the value in documenting my thoughts. To understand my own thoughts – to actually discover what I believe rather than what I’ve been taught by my country, church and culture. I’ve been sheltered from life, partly because of my upbringing, but mostly because of the culture that Western beliefs and America grossly breeds.

And I live in tension.

My life is being lived out in a constant dynamic tension. A tension between a realm that is seen and a realm that is unseen. A life being lived out both in the visible and the invisible. A life in the flesh and a life in the spirit that are continually crashing together. And this…this is who I am. This tension effects the food I eat, the way I see people, the way I treat the environment, my money, my time…It effects it all. The more that I see…the more I see that it effect everything. I’m on a journey to experience this tension in which I’m called to live…

between two realms.

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