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Transform Your Christmas


What if you could transform Christmas? Would you?

As Christmas approaches many of us are asking the same questions. We’re no longer interested in the idea of buying for the sake of buying. We’re interested in discovering the redemptive meaning of Christmas.  Are our relationships deepening?  Are we stepping into what it means to love our neighbor in a restorative way?Are we giving of ourselves in a way that truly has value?

Americans spend an average of $450 billion on Christmas. That’s 1,485 dollars for every man, woman, and child in America.  And yet are we really experiencing the original meaning of Christmas?  To solve the world’s clean water problem would require only $10 billion dollars.  What that means is the problem is not only solvable, it’s easily within our reach.

We would like to extend an invitation to participate with us this year in transforming Christmas from purchasing and getting to really giving.  Our goal is simple: To transform Christmas by gathering families together and sacrificially purchasing as many wells as we can.

Advent Conspiracy and Samaritan’s Purse, an organization that has a long history of working with the poor and oppressed in the world. A well costs about $800 to repair or retrofit.  That’s less than the average spending per American to transform the life of a village. It costs about $2,500 to rehabilitate a non-working well and about $15,000 to drill a large well that serves a large village.

And we’re not asking you to just write a check on top of everything.  We’re asking you to consider working with us as a way of stepping into the deeper meaning of Christmas, a day when love entered the world in a profound way.  We’re asking you to consider giving sacrificially in place of the traditional mad rush of gift giving we typically do.

A brochure has been created to understand what we’re doing, invite friends to participate, dream bigger, and help transform the meaning of Christmas.

Donwload it here.

If you do participate, feel free to steal the banner from this post to spread the word.

Here’s the Advent Conspiracy Video – it’s really well done and worth the watch. (ht.)


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Where is the love?

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Here’s what’s interesting to me about this video:

Not that it’s about Love.  It’s Keith Olbermanntalking about Love.

Agree or disagree with California’s Proposition 8, it doesn’t matter – but tell me why a non-Christian like Keith Olbermann sounds like he has a better grasp on love than a lot of Christians I encounter?

Why is it that Christians feel so strongly about having to protect something?

I get disagreeing. I get that. But disagreeing to the point of hate? I just don’t get. I get voting against. I get being disappointed. I get wishing others agreed with you. But to act in such a way that causes someone different than you to feel loved and accepted…I just do not get.

Here’s an extreme example: Christians blowing up Abortion clinics.

Sound extreme? Of course you wouldn’t blow up anything or any person.

But how different is your non-accaptance of someone that, in your eyes, does something wrong or immoral?

I can’t tell if a guy like Olbermann speaking like this is more evidence of how close of an understanding of love he has or how far some Christians are away from it?


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