Pangea Day

4 Hours.  24 Films.  A new way to see the world.

On May 10th, gather to watch films made by the world for the world, broadcast live around the globe.

This event is a worldwide event designed to be watched as a community.  We’re hosting an event at our house to accomplish the following things:

1. Expand our horizon and awareness to “others” beyond ourselves around the world.

2. To connect with those around us in our community that share the same heart to love one another.

3. To be inspired.  I love the Pangea Day quote: “Movies can’t change the world, but people who watch them do.”  In a world that is so easy to see our differences – we need to keep focus on God’s dream for the world and realize how He includes us that dream!  To truly be inspired to change the world – to experience His Kingdom here on earth.

Come see the world through different eyes.  Begin to change the lenses from which you’ve viewed the world from your entire life – one of self and individualism.  Gather with people that have different social classes, different economic classes, different race, different background…and gather together to find your similarities.

If you’re in the Portland-Vancouver area on May 10th – please join us!  If you aren’t going to be in our area, think about hosting your own event or finding one near you.

If you end up hosting an event – share your experiences with us!!



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One response to “Pangea Day

  1. Brittian Bullock

    Here’s the thing Steve…J and I were talking on our way home from Canada…you’re kinda an inspiration to me (us)…thanks for doing this…thanks for not settling for the status quo…thanks for not just talking about it…thanks…really…it makes me breathe again.

    So…here’s to Pangea Day and making the most of everyday. Thanks for simply being a willing vessel brother.

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