Here and Now…

You know those times…when you’d just like to camp out for a bit…when the glimpse In is just too much?  I’m overwhelmed this morning…I’m overwhelmed by the Kingdom.  

What’s that mean?  What’s that really mean?

It means everything.  It means all.  It mean that everything matters.  It means the Kingdom is here and now.  It means we don’t have to wait.  It means…it means that God is for us.  The God of this universe is actually for us!  No guilt.  No pressure.  No competition.  Just love.  His overwhelming love.  We can go in this world and love and be loved! 


Not tomorrow.  Not when I have more time.  Not when I get out of debt.  Not when life gets better.  Here and Now. Why wait for Heaven?  Why wait for Heaven…when Jesus says “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  In a world that is constantly reminding us that its’ foundation is fear, power and control…this Kingdom is here and now.  We don’t have to live the way the world lives.  Instead of fear, power and control – we can live by Love, by Hope and by Faith…all things that are His life!  In reality they are Him.  We call them different names, but they’re all Him – distinctively.  We don’t have to project this Life into “another world.”  This reality can be our reality of today.  This changes everything!  This is our Hope – a hope that truly satisfies.

God calls us to live in the tension between two realms, holding them precious together.  He’s telling His story.  Truly, what part will you play today?

There’s so much here.  There’s so much more to come – it’s just too much…

And life could not be more exciting.  Today is the most exciting day of our lives.


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3 responses to “Here and Now…

  1. outofthedesert

    Here and now! Not there and later, not behind and before, but HERE and NOW! I don’t have to yearn for tomorrow, I don’t have to wait for heaven.

    I just took in a big breath of his kingdom LIFE. And boy is it good.

    “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”

  2. Amen bro! The Kingdom is here, right now. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.

    We are to be living in it now, under God’s loving rule now. Don’t wait. May the living water pour down until the wisdom of God floods the land.

    “From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it.”
    -Matthew 11:12

  3. Brittian Bullock

    Now…glorious now…
    there is however an element of hope which is not now. NT Wright talks about the “now but not yet”, Brueggeman elaborates that if “our hope is exclusively immediate then it will simply be co-opted by the dominant regime”…in other words, again to quote Wright, “we practice in whistling the tune today that we will be singing eternally tomorrow”…
    It’s beauty, but also an incomplete beauty.

    I guess all that to say that our hope is amazing now…fulfilling and filling…can you even then imagine how much more glorious the anthemic chorus of tomorrow shall be?

    check out the post called agents of the future over att if you haven’t already…it sort of describes the “now but not yet” reality of God’s kingdom…

    It’s just an amazing reality that the good news is for here and now…and the good news just keeps on getting better…now that’s hope…

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