Sometimes, the worst part of buying something…

…is the buying part.

Check out this very quick post by marketing guru Seth Godin.

I love Seth.  I read him and subscribe to him.  But this is the consumerism that scares me.  It all scares me, but the simplicity of this is unbelievable.

Buying never satisfies.  It’s the world’s most accepted form of Heroin.  Our economy is driven and actually measured by it.  We actually measure how “well” our economy is doing by its’ production and consumption.

Let’s, as a “called out people,” stop this hypnotic dance with the world.  How incredible and earth shaking would it be…if Christians started to recognize this trance of consumerism we’ve fallen into.  We’d suddenly not fit into this system very well would we?  Right now, we’re “okay.”  We’re accepted – actually we’re loved. Because we consume…a lot.  Everything must change. 

Tramps like us…


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2 responses to “Sometimes, the worst part of buying something…

  1. That was sad, that he noticed that they all sort of looked empty after the thrill of buying was gone.

    I am reading Mother Teresa these days, and one thing she said was that poverty was not simply a third world or an economic phenomenon. The privileged of the First World are impoverished in love, in social connections, in community. People go through their lives isolated and lonely, with their only consolation being the things they can buy.

    Is America obese because we eat wrong, or is it obese because we eat to console ourselves? Do we just need to eat more veg, or do we keep trying to fill the emptiness inside that no food can fill? Is drug, alcohol, food, gambling, and sex abuse rampant because we are tempted or because our lives are empty?

    Her revelation is that the poor are not simply those living in cardboard. Spiritual poverty is rampant. Emptiness of the heart and soul is just as much in need of our care as Christians as emptiness of belly. So when we see a mindless consumer, we should also see a soul in need of help, just as we do when we see a poor or a sick person who is poor in material goods or sick in body. They may be harder to reach, more numb, more convinced that they are all right, more egoistic, but they are still afflicted.

  2. outofthedesert

    We are in a trance. Maybe, more a hypnotic state in fact. Our trance like hypnosis is soothing. Buying, selling, procuring, adding, it is all so rhythmic, so symbiotic, so normal. Until we wake up and someone tells us we have just embarrassed ourselves and have been ‘barking like dogs on the stage of life.’

    And then there is a snap of His fingers…

    Thank the Lord that he is awaking us from the trance.

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